Stockpiling bird flu vaccine could help poor countries
Associated Press

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Building a stockpile of bird flu vaccine would help ensure poor countries don't lose out if a virus starts killing people worldwide, the World Health Organization's top flu official said Friday.

Up to 500 million doses of vaccine can now be produced, far short of the amount needed if people begin falling ill from bird flu en masse. Indonesia and other developing countries in Asia fear the limited supply of vaccine would be out of reach for them, even though they provided the viruses to make it.

A so-called virtual stockpile, which can be built from countries that agree to donate a portion of their vaccine, could guarantee some vaccine would be equitably distributed within the developing world in the event of a pandemic, Dr. David Heymann, WHO's top flu official, told The Associated Press.

A long-term goal would be for poor countries to receive enough technology and training to produce vaccines. (AP)

I believe these birds are getting smarter and smarter strutting about with so much self confidence. Stock piling vaccine for poor countries is a good idea only that sometimes you find yourself in a bind and starting using the stock...I read something about that in one of my classes for my college degree.

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